A(nother) Year in Seattle

Sunday - December 21, 2059 - Winter Solstice - Translated

Monday - December 22, 2059 - Manual Journal - Translated

Tuesday - December 23, 2059 - Losing battle - Translated

Wednesday - December 24, 2059 - Christmas Eve- Translated

Thursday - December 25, 2059 - Christmas presents

... I was fighting... They were everywhere... and they almost had us... The best Christmas present... Case... and Dwight... and a small army of orcs...

So many others...

Friday - December 26, 2059 relief

Dwight and Case won't let me out of the underground– they smuggled Bri in... but its only a matter of time.

Too many people knew I was in there... too many people....

Saturday - December 27, 2059 - Held for questioning

I've told them all I can– but its not enough. They want to go deeper– want me to remember more... and now... Now I'm at their mercy.

I avoided ITS experiments only to be subjects to theirs. It's not fair... but it has to end... it just has too.

Copyright 2000 M.T. Decker

Week Twenty-seven Recovery
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