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Well, its been an interesting trip.

Two years ago when I got the idea for Year in Seattle-- I had little faith that I would be able to draw it out for a full year. I wasn't sure if I'd keep my own attention, let alone the readers.

But I made it through the first year and renewed, in the hopes of getting Jess through the Arcology shut down. I doubted I'd make it through a full year-- and then Brain Scan came out and I found out that the Arcology remained shut down for over a year.

I knew I couldn't take Jess all the way through that. While I was debating about it... 15 entries just came to me in one day. There had been weeks where I was lucky to get one entry out, but these 15 entries, which lengthened to 28 came out so perfectly that they gave me the perfect stopping point.

I've learned a lot over the last two years, most of it good-- but there is so much story that is missing when you only see it from one person's view point, and only what they're willing to tell.

I got far enough ahead during the shutdown to write a short story about the shutdown as viewed by Jess' friends and family. It was nice being able to focus on Case for a change. I was beginning to think I'd forgotten how to write in third person.

The fact that I had the perfect ending for A(nother) Year in Seattle only lent itself to the decision. End it here, and end it well, or drag it out for another 4 months... as I debated, the final entry came to me and I knew-- it was time to move on.

I started thinking about Jess while "Ducking Responsibility" was winding down, and now that "A(nother) Year in Seattle" is winding down-- I find myself thinking about Duck.

Jess will be back, I have no doubt about that. Its hard to keep a good character down.

I just wanted to thank everybody who's read Jess especially those of you who wrote me. It means a lot when you hear back from folks. Drop me a line some time!


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