Valentine's Day

"Tischer, there's some gear down at the morgue I need you to look at."

There was something about Valentine's expression that set off Tischer's warning lights.

"Pick it up?" He asked shaking his head. "Have them bring it to me..."

Detective Valentine gave him a hesitant smile. "They can't... Look-- we have the suspected killer in custody. We've had him for 23 hours. We have an hour to charge him or we have to cut him loose, and you know if we do that we're never going to see him again."

"24 hours," Tischer muttered. "Who came up with that?"

Valentine just shook his head, this was on of those times he couldn't afford to indulge Tischer's sense of humor. "Look, they found the body and hour ago, and its in the morgue now."

Tischer nodded. "That's not my department..."

"I know that," Valentine answered. "But that's where the equipment is and by the time they get to it..."

"By the time they get to it!?" Tischer asked in an almost surprised tone. "What sort of 'gear' are we talking about?"

"Cameras... video... volatile memory..."

"Head wear?"

Valentine nodded.

"Still... in place?"

Again Valentine nodded. "They pull it... its gone."

"But... its a dead guy..."

Valentine was starting to lose patience with the computer specialist.

"You're the one who's always telling me not to turn things off until you've given them a once over..."

Tischer reached for this travel gear and gave Valentine a pleading look. "But the morgue..."

"Its right down the hall..."

"But there are dead people there..."

"Yes Dave, that's usually what you find in the morgue."

"The gear is going to be...."

"Messy," Detective Valentine finished impatiently.


"Yeah well, welcome to my world... "

Copyright 2001 - M.T. Decker

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