A Year In Seattle

Tuesday June 19th 2057 -Coping

Case took me over to the Star station so I could pick up my bike– then it was back to work. I thought about it a lot as I worked through the day. Work, life– sometimes the two are almost synonymous.

We go through our days thinking about the day: about the job, about what we’re going to do after work. We don’t think about the big picture– we don’t think about how fragile it all is.

We can’t. It’s a balance we strike to keep our sanity. Sometimes life is just a series of small battles and skirmishes. You don’t think about the war– its not your concern. You fight your battles and pray it doesn’t all come crashing in on you.

Its taken me a while to come back to myself on this-- but its getting there.

You do what you can when you can-- and you don't beat yourself up about what you can't do.

You fight every battle to the fullest and live every moment the same way. I never thought of anything beyond the moment until now.

Maybe I’m getting older. I feel it sometimes. I look at the calendar realize how time has passed, how the world or my perception of it has changed.

Copyright 2000 - M.T. Decker

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