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Friday June 22nd 2057 - Wading in

It was late when I got the M.E.'s report from Rusty. I was on my way out when Case came limping in-- he'd been out all night on a stake out. I think I'd rather be on call all night, then camped out watching nothing happening.

Especially when I saw the way Case looked. I kissed him good night and headed out, report in hand. I skimmed through it, but nothing really caught my eye. I was going to go over it more in my copious free time on shift.

That was a laugh.

I saw more crushed metal, breathed more exhaust fumes and poked more holes in people's arms than I care to think about. It was one of those days where everybody seemed bound and determined to violate the laws of physics.

It was almost as if Newton and Murphy were having a contest. (Murphy won.)

Rusty called about mid-shif, looking for the ME's office-- other than that it was business as usual.

I'm just glad the day is over and I'm collapsed in my own bed with a good book resting on my chest, where it will remain until morning.

I figure Monday, if I haven't heard anything else from Rusty, I'll take a swinging by missing persons. Who knows... my experiences over the past year may come in handy.

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