Matthew J. Miller

- appox age 35
Profession : None Specified - Presumed physical trainer

Physical Description

Composite sketch created using
InterQuest's Faces (tm).

AT 6'2" , 225 lbs. Matt is well muscled but not to the point of creating a burly appearance. He is quite capable of taking care of himself and has training in various martial arts. His hair is a sandy brown, with streaks of blond and his eyes are dark brown. He moves gracefully with a certain tension to his muscles, like a tiger stalking his prey.

Dress Style.

Matt tends to dress on the formal side of what is required, preferring slacks and a turtle neck for causual wear, and a tailored for more formal occasions. When he is working out he preferes a Gi to sweats..


Matt is a calming influence. He prefers a well thought out sollution to a problem rather than brute force, but once he has made a decision, he is quick to carry it out.

He is paitient almost to a fault and can sit in one place for hours simply watching.

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